Waiting for spring: FISH

It’s one month away from the spring launch of This is the Boat that Ben Built and I started thinking about what the animals in the book might be up to while I was wintering and preparing. I’ve got my warm coat, mitts, and hat… What are they up to as they await spring? What winter adaptations do they have? First up: fish.

Illustrations Maggie Zeng © 2022

During the winter in river ecosystems, fish do best where there are a variety of different habitat features available to them such as deep pools, long runs with slow currents, and areas where ice conditions are stable. Sometimes fish school in winter. Sometimes they find a crevice to stay in. Their habitat is most stable where ice covers the river early and stays until spring. In deep areas under ice, fish can be more active during the day. They are less secure in areas with patchy snow and ice floes.

Fish metabolism slows in the winter because of the cold temperatures. It’s a good thing it does, too, because food is less available to them during this time of year.

Ecosystem connection: Beaver ponds are great winter habitat for some fish!

Besides waiting for spring, one fish in my life is waiting for This is the Boat that Ben Built.

How about you? Preorder now!


A boy in a boat sweeps a net through the water above a river full of fish.

This Is the Boat That Ben Built’ by Jen Lynn Bailey illustrated by Maggie Zeng © 2022 published by Pajama Press


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    • Jen Lynn Bailey

      Thanks so much, Beverly! There are a lot of different layers to explore in the story and I thought this would be a fun spin on it!


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