Waiting for spring: BEAVER

Next up in my series of wintering and preparing for the launch of This is the Boat that Ben Built: a look at what the beaver is up to!

Illustrations Maggie Zeng © 2022

A beaver’s special waterproof coat gets thicker in the winter, and they continue to be active throughout the season. Their lodges, which are made of mud, sticks, and logs, freeze together and become quite solid. This provides them with excellent protection from predators.

Ecosystem connection: During the winter, beaver ponds may provide shelter for other animals like frogs, turtles, dragonfly larvae, and brook trout. It seems that their lodges even occasionally provide homes for muskrat!

Read more about beavers in winter: https://www.ontarioparks.com/parksblog/the-beaver-in-winter/

Besides waiting for spring, the beaver in the last photo can’t wait to bring This is the Boat that Ben Built back to his lodge. How about you? Preorder now!

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