A radio interview on KiSS 105.3

Did you know that it’s helpful, when speaking on the radio, to stand up? It is said to increase the energy level in the sound of your voice. I tried that out yesterday morning when I spoke with Chris on KiSS 105.3 about This is the Boat that Ben Built and the 2023 Ruth & Sylvia Schwartz Children’s Book Award.

The toy animals sit around a copy of This is the Boat that Ben Built. The loon and goose have a headset on as if speaking on the radio.

Loon and Goose stand up for optimal voice energy levels 🙂

The book is available through booksellers (if you’re in the Ottawa area, check out Books on Beechwood, Octopus Books, and The Spaniel’s Tale Bookstore), Tag Along Toys in Ottawa, and, just in case you missed it, I also offered local KiSS 105.3 listeners an autographed, personalized copy plus an animal sticker and bookmark for a kid in their life through @jlbaileybooks on Instagram or jlbaileybooks@gmail.com. If you’re a local listener reading this here, feel free to use the contact form on my website as well.

Enjoy the interview!

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