First in-person book signing event: a great success!

The author holds her book and reads to children in a bookstore.

Yesterday morning I was a ball of nerves getting ready for my first in-person book signing event. But when I got to read to these young explorers, the nervousness dissipated and we quickly connected about the story. They loved guessing which animal would be next, finding the animals that had already been introduced, watching what Ben was up to on his great exploration, and, of course, telling me all about which animals they had seen or learned about before!

After each reading I did, I signed books for the kids and they voted on their favorite animals. Are you surprised that the bear was the clear winner? I think it’s his friendly wave and relaxed demeanor that makes him so popular. I had a couple of votes for the butterfly and dog…. who unfortunately didn’t get their own backmatter pages!

A tally sheet with a sticker corresponding to each animal on the left side and children's tally marks on the right. "Which animal do you like the most?" - the highest tally was for the bear, followed by the beaver.

There was also a prize wheel they could spin to win a bookmark, sticker, or small wooden owl. This was a hit with the kids and staff 🙂

A colorful prize wheel displaying which prizes could be won: bookmark, stickers, owl.

Looking forward to many more events like this one! Thanks @IndigoInnes for hosting me, and thanks to all the great kids who joined me to explore This is the Boat that Ben Built!

The author stands behind a table of her books, a prize wheel, tally sheet, and crafts.

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