Bookstore love: it’s been a great year!

This is the Boat that Ben Built has been out in the world for one year! This is the second post in a short series to mark the occasion.

Seeing This is the Boat that Ben Built in local bookstores was such a fantastic feeling!

A collage of photos taken of the author in bookstores.

I am grateful for the support of my local booksellers Books on Beechwood, Octopus Books, and most recently, The Spaniel’s Tale Bookstore, who helped get the book into the hands of readers across Ottawa!

My first in-person book reading and signing event was a hit at Indigo Innes. Their staff was so enthusiastic and welcoming – it was a great setting to share the story with young readers.

Maggie and I met for the first time at the Holiday Book Fair in Montreal, at a booth hosted by Librairie Paragraphe Bookstore. Montreal is where Maggie is based, and it was great to have their support! (Truth be told, I photoshopped her into that picture! She took a photo of me in the booth but we didn’t get one together.)

Getting to know the booksellers and seeing our book on their shelves has been a real highlight of this year! I’m looking forward to building these relationships in years to come.

Next up, a year of firsts!

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